Updating styled components is usually as simple as npm install. Only major versions have the potential to introduce breaking changes (noted in the following release notes).


Note: we've switched from canary to v5 as the target branch for the new release. It's basically the same, but fixed up so it'll merge cleanly onto master.

Changes from rc.1:

  • fix a few missed cases where attrs were not preferred over props (d2f4509)
  • remove the theme usage dev-time check (df36f93); this was done in master already, just forward-porting
  • aggregate classNames passed via attrs (#2859, 12a9f3c)
  • replace rehydration from CSSOM with progressive regex (#2872)


Changes from rc.0:

  • Inline mixin-deep so it is transpiled consistently for IE


  • Fix styled-components's react-native import for React Native Web, by @fiberjw (see #2797)

  • Remove dev-time warning if referencing a theme prop without an outer ThemeProvider, the check for it isn't smart enough to handle cases with "or" or ternary fallbacks and creates undesirable noise in various third party integrations


We're almost there! After several months of work (thank you beta testers!) this is the first v5 release candidate build.

Overall v5 changes:

  • Major performance and bundle size improvements over v4, see the announcement blog for more details!

  • StyleSheetManager enhancements

    • you can now supply stylis plugins like stylis-rtl; <StyleSheetManager stylisPlugins={[]}>...</StyleSheetManager>
    • disableVendorPrefixes removes autoprefixing if you don't need legacy browser support; <StyleSheetManager disableVendorPrefixes>...</StyleSheetManager>
    • disableCSSOMInjection forces using the slower injection mode if other integrations in your runtime environment can't parse CSSOM-injected styles; <StyleSheetManager disableCSSOMInjection>...</StyleSheetManager>

  • Removed the "subfunction" attrs syntax that was deprecated in v4

    styled.div.attrs({ role: p => p.onClick ? 'button' : '' })`
      color: red;


    styled.div.attrs(p => ({ role: p.onClick ? 'button' : '' }))`
      color: red;

Changes since the last beta:

  • disallow /ad/i in generated class names (#2837); this change primarily helps to avoid some overly aggressive ad blockers that will mangle generated classnames containing the substring "ad"

  • Update css-to-react-native to v3.0.0 (#2811); the one breaking change noted is that unitless line height is no longer allowed when setting font properties

  • replace merge-anything with mixin-deep (#2838); saving bytes, this is used when merging defaultProps for extended styled components

  • shard createGlobalStyle by runtime instance (#2824); cGS is implemented such that it's really meant to be used as a singleton, but it's not uncommon for people to have multiple instances of the same cGS component on the page at once. This change ensures that as instances and mounted and removed the existing global styles don't get removed as well

  • memoize theme (#2820); a minor performance tweak when ThemeProvider is given a reference-equal theme prop

  • make ThemeProvider error straightforward (#2787); more obvious messaging that the theme prop is required when using ThemeProvider




This is the last minor release before v5, please start using the beta and give us feedback!

This is a minor release not a patch release due to this change: #2738. Apologies if this causes some code churn in your projects, it was a long-standing bug that needed fixing.

  • Fix to use ownerDocument instead of global document, by @yamachig (see #2721)

  • Backport fix for SSR classname mismatches in development mode for some environments like next.js (see #2701)

  • Fix attrs not properly taking precedence over props

  • Backport fix where classnames are composed in the wrong order if custom class names are passed in (see #2760)

  • Fix add check for style tag detached - sheet in the style tag is null in this case, by @newying61 (see #2707)


  • attrs should take precedence over props (#2737)
  • Use ownerDocument instead of global document (#2726) props @yamachig
  • show the multi instance warning for all envs (#2663)
  • Get rid of the ThemeProvider single child context restriction (#2708) props @vkrol
  • Update error message with clickable link. (#2702) props @unixchad
  • memoize createGlobalStyle for performance


  • add lightweight dev warning when theme is consumed but not provided (#2655)

  • fix component selectors + css prop usage (#2656)

5.0.0-beta.7 was unpublished due to a build error


  • remove the concept of foldedComponentIds (#2652); fixes an issue where if a folded component itself is used later in the component tree than the folding result it could lead to specificity clashes

  • bump too many classes warning back up to 200 (7af8e12bc32e44ea977e3e9fa6d45b6fdfd3a4e2)

  • revise & simplify how we determine the theme, fix createGlobalStyle HMR and behavior around defaultProps.theme (#2647)


  • switched from stylis to @emotion/stylis (#2640); mostly a bundle size win and a minor performance boost

  • removed "stylisOptions" prop from StyleSheetManager, but reimplemented the ability to remove vendor prefixes as "disableVendorPrefixes"

  • disable ComponentStyle staticness in non-production modes (#2634); should help fix some cases where className mismatches happen in runtimes like next.js dev mode

  • lower the threshold for the "too many classes" warning to 50 (#2622); the previous limit was 200, probably much too high



Fix usage of the "css" prop with the styled-components babel macro (relevant to CRA 2.x users), by @jamesknelson (see #2633)


Fixes the "stream" module not getting properly DCE'd for browser build targets


Fixes HMR (#2623)


fix inconsistency between client & server that breaks rehydration (#2621)


  • Remove deprecated object-form attrs functionality
  • Internal refactor to remove some unnecessary code


  • Revert #2586; breaks rehydration in dev for certain runtimes like next.js

We'll explore reintroducing it in v5 but better safe than sorry.


  • Make it possible to initialize SC_ATTR and SC_DISABLE_SPEEDY via REACT_APP_* .env variables for easier integration with CRA applications (see #2501)

  • Fix components being folded inappropriately when an interim HOC is present (see #2586)

  • Fix theme prop for styled native components, also fixes theme in defaultProps for them (see #2576)

  • Add "forwardedAs" prop to allow deeply passing a different "as" prop value to underlying components when using styled() as a higher-order component (see #2580)

  • Implement defaultProps folding (see #2597)


Major thanks to our wonderful contributors!

  • Remove className usage checker dev utility due to excessive false-positive noise in certain runtime environments like next.js and the related warning suppression prop (see #2563).

  • Attach displayName to forwardRef function as described in React docs (see #2508).

  • Compatibility with react-native-web 0.11 (see #2453).

  • Add stack trace to .attrs warning (see #2486).

  • Fix functions as values for object literals. (see 2489)

  • Remove validation in Babel macro, by @mAAdhaTTah (see #2427)


Thanks to our amazing contributors for leading the charge on this big minor release! Awesome perf stuff in there and QOL changes in preparation for v5.

  • Reduced GC pressure when using component selector styles. (see #2424).

  • Add svg tag marker to domElements.js (see #2389)

  • Make the GlobalStyleComponent created by createGlobalStyle call the base constructor with props (see #2321).

  • Move to Mono repository structure with lerna @imbhargav5 (see #2326)

  • Expose StyleSheetContext and StyleSheetConsumer for you fancy babes doing wild stuff

  • Filter suppressClassNameWarning to not to pass down to the wrapped components @taneba (see #2365)

  • Fix an edge case where React would break streaming inside <textarea> elements, which have special child behavior and aren't a suitable place to inject a style tag (see #2413)


Under the hood code cleanup of the Babel macro, by @lucleray (see #2286)


  • Fix function-form attrs to receive the full execution context (including theme) (see #2210)

  • Adjust innerRef deprecation warning to not be fired if wrapping a custom component, since that underlying component may not be on forwardRef yet and actually using the prop (see #2211)

  • Expose the ThemeConsumer and ThemeContext exports for the native and primitives entries (see #2217)

  • Remove createGlobalStyle multimount warning; Concurrent and Strict modes intentionally render the same component multiple times, which causes this warning to be triggered always even when usage is correct in the application (see #2216)

  • Folded components are now targetable via component selector as in v3 if you used the old .extend API (see #2239)

  • Don't treat uppercased strings as tag-like components and don't filter out props from them (see #2225)


  • Put back the try/catch guard around a part of the flattener that sometimes receives undetectable SFCs (fixes an errant hard error in an edge case)


  • Performance optimization for fully static (no function interpolation) styled-components by avoiding using ThemeConsumer since it isn't necessary, by @mxstbr (see #2166)

  • Allow disabling "speedy" mode via global SC_DISABLE_SPEEDY variable, by @devrelm (see #2185)

    To make use of this, you can either set SC_DISABLE_SPEEDY in your app's entry file or use something like webpack.DefinePlugin to do it at build time:

      SC_DISABLE_SPEEDY: true,
  • Attrs can now be passed a function (see #2200); thanks @oliverlaz for providing an early PoC PR for this!


    styled.div.attrs(props => ({ 'aria-title': props.title }))``;
  • Fix the warnTooManyClasses dev helper not being totally dead code eliminated in production (see #2200)

  • Deprecate functions as object keys for object-form attrs (see #2200)


    styled.div.attrs({ 'aria-title': props => props.title })``; // bad
    styled.div.attrs(props => ({ 'aria-title': props.title }))``; // good

    Support for this will be removed in styled-components v5. The primary impetus behind this change is to eliminate confusion around basic functions vs styled-components vs React components provided as values in the object-form attrs constructor, each of which has different handling behaviors. The single outer function to receive the props and then return a props object is conceptually simpler.

  • The standalone CDN build is now UMD-compliant and can be used with RequireJS, etc.

  • Add pixels to unitless numbers when object interpolation is used, by @Fer0x (see #2173)

  • Trying to interpolate a non-styled component into CSS is now a hard error, rather than a warning (see #2173)


  • Interpolating a styled component into a string now returns the static component selector (emotion cross-compat)

    import styled from 'styled-components';
    const Comp = styled.div`
      color: red;
    `${Comp}`; // .sc-hash
  • Add suppressClassNameWarning prop to disable warning when wrapping a React component with styled() and the className isn't used, by @Fer0x (see #2156)

  • Expose ThemeContext to enable static contextType support for React 16.6, by @imbhargav5 (see #2152)

  • Filter out invalid HTML attributes from attrs, by @Fer0x (see #2133)

  • Add warning if an attrs prop is a function that returns an element, by @timswalling (see #2162)


  • Handle an edge case where an at-rule was being supplied to the self-reference stylis plugin at an incorrect context setting, by @probablyup (see #2114)


  • Add suppressMultiMountWarning prop to disable warning on multiple cgs mount, by @imbhargav5 (see #2107)

  • Fix self-reference replacement edge cases, by @probablyup (see #2109)


This is a rollup of the highlights of beta 0-11 for convenience. See the migration guide for easy updating steps and the beta announcement blog for our summary of v4's changes, thought process, etc.

New stuff

  • Add babel macro for full-featured interop with create react app v2+, by @lucleray (see #2032)

  • Expose ThemeConsumer component, context consumer render prop component from the React.createContext API if people are interested in using it rather than / in addition to the withTheme HOC, by @probablyup

  • Add createGlobalStyle that returns a component which, when mounting, will apply global styles. This is a replacement for the injectGlobal API. It can be updated, replaced, removed, etc like any normal component and the global scope will update accordingly, by @JamieDixon @marionebl, @yjimk, and @imbhargav5 (see #1416)

    const GlobalStyles = createGlobalStyle`
      html {
        color: 'red';
    // then put it in your React tree somewhere:
    // <GlobalStyles />
  • Added a first-class API for rendering polymorphism via "as" prop. In most cases, this new prop will replace your need to use the .withComponent API. It allows you to control what underlying element or component is rendered at runtime, while not messing with the styles, by @probablyup (see #1962)

    import { Link } from 'react-router'
    const Component = styled.div`
      color: red;
    // Examples
    <Component>Hello world!</Component>
    <Component as="span">Hello world!</Component>
    <Component as={Link} to="home">Hello world!</Component>

Breaking changes

  • Fix how ampersand is handled in self-referential selector combinations, e.g. & + & (see #2071)

  • Remove deprecated consolidateStreamedStyles API, by @probablyup (see #1906)

  • Remove deprecated jsnext:main entry point from package.json, by @probablyup (see #1907)

  • Remove deprecated .extend API, by @probablyup (see #1908)

  • Migrate to new context API, by @alexandernanberg (see #1894)

  • Remove TS typings; they are now to be found in DefinitelyTyped, by @probablyup. See for more information.

  • Add new data-styled-version attribute to generated <style> tags to allow multiple versions of styled-components to function on the page at once without clobbering each other, by @probablyup

    It's still highly recommended to use aliasing via your bundler to dedupe libraries like styled-components and react.

  • [Breaking change] Refactor keyframes helper, by @fer0x (see #1930).

    Keyframes is now implemented in a "lazy" manner: its styles will be injected with the render phase of components using them.

    keyframes no longer returns an animation name, instead it returns an object which has method .getName() for the purpose of getting the animation name.

  • Migrate to use new React.forwardRef API, by @probablyup; note that this removes the innerRef API since it is no longer needed.

  • Implement styled() wrapper folding. In a nutshell, when you nest styled wrappers (e.g. styled(styled.div)) the components are now folded such that only one is mounted that contains the merged styles of its ancestors. This is conceptually equivalent to the removed "extend" functionality, but without many of the downsides -- and it's automatic, by @probablyup (see #1962)

Developer experience improvements

  • Add warning when component is not a styled component and cannot be referred via component selector, by @egdbear (see #2070)

    When using CRA v2, import styled components from styled-components/macro instead to gain all the benefits of our babel plugin.

  • Add a warning when wrapping a React component with styled() and the className isn't used (meaning styling isn't applied), by @Fer0x (see #2073)

  • Tweak the styled components base component naming to look nicer in DevTools, by @probablyup (see #2012)

  • Beef up the error message that sometimes occurs when multiple versions of styled components are used together and the StyleSheet instance can't be found, by @probablyup (see #2012)


  • Add enzymeFind test utility to easily grab instances of a styled-component from enyzme mounted testing scenarios, by @probablyup (see #2049)

    import { mount } from 'enzyme';
    import React from 'react';
    import styled from 'styled-components';
    import { enzymeFind } from 'styled-components/test-utils';
    const Thing = styled.div`
      color: red;
    const wrapper = mount(
        <Thing isCool />
    const thing = enzymeFind(wrapper, Thing);
    // expect(thing.props()).toHaveProperty('isCool') etc
  • Inline and optimize the static hoisting functionality to avoid a bundler bug and shed a bit of package weight, by @probablyup (see #2021


  • Added a few iframe attributes to the valid attribute list: allow, allowUserMedia, allowPaymentRequest, by @asoltys (see #2083 and #2085)